Butte Massage Therapists

Find a Butte massage therapist that that can help you. Read about the many benefits of massage by clicking on the tabs to the left. Then contact a massage therapist and ask if they can help you with your individual needs.

I have provided links to any massage therapists that I am aware of. Some therapists on this page are in other towns near Butte.

If a massage therapist that you know of is not listed below, or you find errors, please let me know by using the Contact form.

I will be glad to add the information to this page. The State of Montana began licensing massage therapists in July of 2010. You may check with the Montana Board of Massage Therapy to find out if a massage therapist is licensed. Be aware that the process of licensing all of them is not complete as of this writing.

Alternative Health Care Solutions, Trudy M Brown
1454 Dewey Blvd, Butte, MT 

Blacktail Creek Therapeutic, Wanda S Johnson
1365 Evans Ave, Butte, MT 

Roland R. Byrd
PO BOX 496, Whitehall, MT - 

Karla J. Canavan
1156 W Porphyry St, Butte, MT 

Integrated Somatic Therapies, Patricia Mc Keral
125 W Granite St Butte, MT 

Integrative Body Therapy, Renee Weaver 
27 W Park St, Butte, MT

Ann Marie McGowan 
Dillon, MT 
(303) 229-6268

Debra J. Myllymaki 
PO BOX 148, Dillon, MT 
(406) 868-9066

Natural Touch Health Ctr, Tony Rubino
1130 E Front St, Butte, MT 

Shelley M Windsor
Butte, MT 

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