Kauai Craniosacral Therapy

by Kauai Cranio Sacral Therapy
(Princeville, Hawaii, Kauai County)

Craniosacral is a process of allowing the natural healing of the body to move through the vacew of conciousness into your soma. We are trained in accupressure and myofascial release, and this is complemented by by biodoynamic craniosacral therapy. Visit https://kauaicraniosacral.com for more information. Book now in Kauai

CranioSacral Therapy can help with a variety of dysfunctions. It normalizes the environment around the brain, spinal cord, and enhances the body’s ability for self-correction. Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), is also known as craniosacral treatment. It is a form of bodywork that reduces the pressure in the skull, sacrum (a triangular bone at the lower back), as well as the spinal column. CST is not invasive.

Another friend reported that her CST experience was “subtle, but amazing.” He said that most patients report feeling relaxed, calm, and peaceful after their sessions.

There are many sessions that are required. It can be one to three per week, or even more over several weeks.

A functioning central nervous system (CNS) can relax muscles, improve circulation, reduce pain and swelling, make the immune system more efficient to fight infection and disease, and alleviate symptoms such as anxiety and depression. It can also help to move energetic cysts.

The clinic’s therapists stated that craniosacral Therapy helped reduce physical pain and allowed for the mobilization mental resources needed for psychotherapy. The clinic made emotional and trauma more accessible and readily available for therapeutic methods.

This skill is taught in CranioSacral therapy workshops. However, you can feel the craniosacral rhythm by simply palpating your own. … Now you can feel the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid within the craniosacral system with a very light,5 gram touch

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