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Welcome to the Directory: "Find a Massage Therapist New York!"New York state massage therapy practitioners appear below in alphabetical order by city.

To find one in your area, click on any of the directory links below. Each massage therapist in the directory has their own business page that has all the details of their practice, including their contact information.

If you know one of them, leave a comment about the therapist in the comment section at the bottom of their page. You are encouraged to share your experiences with any massage therapist there. You may also ask questions of any of them listed on this directory. We will let them know when they have a question to respond to.

Are you aware of a massage therapy practice that's not yet in this directory? Please send them to our massage therapist directory submission page, so they can get listed for free!


Green Fox Independent Massage Therapist


Therapeutic Healing Massage Rochester


Peace and Posture Massage

If you can't find a massage therapist in your area yet (we're just getting started on it in Spring, 2012) keep checking back. In the meantime, here's another idea!

Read our pages on Self Massage and How to Give a Massage? You'll find some videos on the site, too.

Even if you do find one on "Massage Therapist New York!" that is near you, there is plenty that you and a friend can do for each other between appointments. You can also massage yourself, to some extent, and get good benefits from it until your appointment.

Therapeutic human touch will be helpful to some extent, even if the massage is not as thorough as a massage therapist can provide.

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Hippocrates said, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day."

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