Montana Massage is now open in Seeley Lake, Montana.

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You can now book an appointment for Montana Massage here:

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In Seeley Lake, Montana massage is my passion! Please call for an appointment: 406-438-2695. My hours are irregular now but I will be glad to find a specific time for you. 

Everyone can benefit from professional therapeutic massage. Read the topics related to your needs starting with the tabs on the left.

Massage and other therapeutic body work can make it possible for you to move, work and perform more efficiently. You can feel and even look better in Big Sky Country. Athletes, ranchers, hunters, skilled laborers and those tied to computers or the steering wheel will find movement more efficient and comfortable through good therapeutic massage sessions.

The body can heal itself in many ways, if given the chance to. Massage and wellness therapies can set that process in motion.

I am a licensed massage therapist and medical massage practitioner at 797 Tamarack Dr. Seeley Lake, Montana.

Or, I will help you find a licensed Montana massage therapist in your area of the state. Other Montana cities are listed below.

Advanced Trainings

I graduated from Denver School of Massage Therapy, then went on to became a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner. I have been in business for myself since 2010 doing medical massage working with doctors and chiropractors. My passion is to help people with pain, injury and medical conditions. Yet, I also enjoy giving you a luxurious specialized treatment just for you. 

My specialty is hot bamboo at Montana Massage. Everyone loves this unique massage! Hot bamboo is a new alternative to hot stone. They are so easy to use and it doesn't take more prep time. So, I don't charge more for this soothing touch. The warm sticks melt tension and stress away in less time than massage without heat.

I am certified in Abdominal/Visceral massage. The human body is fascinating! There is often a mystery to solve to find out what is causing your pain or symptoms.

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist I also custom make essential oil wellness synergies and my own massage lotions. Essential Oils are a wonderful therapy for your massage treatment. 

Many times my clients have been to medical doctors, had test after test with nothing to explain or relieve their pain, symptoms or condition. Taking drugs or pain killers is not an option for them. In trying medical massage, visceral massage or essential oil and herbal remedies I can sometimes come up with relief and find the origin of the problem, not just mask the symptoms with a drug. If "soft tissue" is involved there is usually an answer. I'd like to help you solve the mystery!

Montana Day Spa & Wellness Therapies

Montana Day Spa is truly Seeley Lake, Montana; quiet, vintage/country with the absolute best view in town! Weather permitting everyone loves outdoor massage with a view of the mountains and nature, including deer and the sound of rushing waters from Morrell Creek. Truly unique. And in Seeley Lake you deserve a luxurious,  individualized treatment. 

Montana Massage Services Available

Health Questionnaire

Prior to your Montana Massage therapy appointment, please fill out this Health Questionnaire.

Montana Massage Contact Info and Pricing

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Click the button above to schedule an appointment. You may also, contact me by clicking here, or call me at 406-438-2695.

• Every day low price of $60 for a one hour massage and $90 for a 90 minute massage. 2 hour $120. (I do not charge extra for hot bamboo.) 1 hour Lomi Lomi: $75.

• Medical Massage: please contact for pricing.

• Gift Certificates available for all occasions.

• Credit Cards accepted. Insurance billing, Personal Injury Protection (auto) and Workman's Comp.

Find a Massage Therapist In Your Area

If you are looking for a Montana licensed massage therapist outside of my service area click on the regions listed below. 

Billings Area 

Bozeman Area 

Butte/Deer Lodge Area 

Great Falls Area 

Helena Area 

Kalispell Area 

Missoula Area

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Hippocrates said, "The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day."

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